Spring Book Design

Developing a truly readable book is the primary goal of good book design. The way it feels in the hand, and its size and weight, all contribute to how content is presented to the reader. Creating a readable book means paying close attention to the standards of good page design, including font selection, typographic controls, proportion, white space, consistency, flow, and decoration. 

Combining the effects of these elements helps capture the energy and spirit of the author so the book feels personal to your reader. 

Books are initially judged by their covers. We invest serious creativity in a solid cover design that enhances the overall look and feel of your book, captures audience interest, stands out, and maintains the integrity of your message.

In today’s marketplace, where anyone can go online and create a book, good design is more critical than ever. How do you have a professional-looking book that distributors and booksellers will handle? How do you make your book stand out? How do you entice the customer to pick it up and want to read it? First, good design.

The design must be as unique as your book. When people look through the books I’ve designed, they comment, what an interesting variety; yes, that’s what design is about—designing for the myriad unique presentations and content. 

Does the particular designer matter? Emphatically, Yes! Design takes years of experience to do it well. And personal attention can’t be underestimated. Virtually all of my clients are referred by someone. That speaks volumes about the community of authors and publishers highlighted in the portfolio. Spring Book Design has the most wonderful, interesting clients. Come join us!