Queen of Swords Press

Queen of Swords Press is a queer woman-owned, wind-powered, tiny publishing house based in Minneapolis, but aspiring to world domination. Our books range from fantasy to steampunk to horror and beyond and have achieved a small measure of renown for being entertaining, well written, sometimes funny, and always thought provoking. We specialize in diverse and swashbuckling tales of derring-do, bold new adventures in time and space, mysterious stories of the occult and arcane and fantastical tales of people and lands far and near. Most of our titles center LGBTQ+ characters, stories and voices.

Festival Special

We think you should buy some of them and enjoy them so we’re offering a 15% discount when you buy direct from our website at www.queenofswordspress.com; enter code TCBOOK20 at checkout for any purchase over $3. Our titles are available in major ebook formats as well as print. Thanks for reading and happy Book Festival!