Uncivilized Books

Minneapolis based Uncivilized Books has been publishing smart comics and graphic novels for over a decade. We’ve published books by some of the best cartoonists in the world: Gabrielle Bell, Peter Wartman, Joann Sfar, David B., Peter Wartman, Alan Moore, Noah Van Sciver, and many more.

Last year we launched Uncivilized Comics, a new comic book imprint. We’re currently serializing Ginseng Roots, a major new work from Craig Thompson (Blankets). Other releases in the imprint include: For Real #1 by James Romberger, and My Dog Ivy by Gabrielle Bell.

Our Fall 2020 titles include:
  • Desperate Pleasures by M.S. Harkness. It is a fearless autobiographical account of a young woman’s difficult relationships set against a backdrop of trauma and abuse.
  • Museum of Mistakes by Julia Wertz collects numerous pages of Julia’s early comic work, unpublished and/or previously uncollected comics, short stories, illustrations, process pages, hate mail, sketchbook pages, tear stains and more.
  • SET of first six issues of Ginseng Roots by Craig Thompson. For the first time in his career, Thompson is serializing his story. Part memoir, part travelogue, part essay—all comic book—Ginseng Roots is a sweeping narrative that unearths connections between agriculture, holistic healing, the 300-year-long trade relationship between China and North America, childhood labor, and the bond between two brothers.

Uncivilized Books believes comics are the most advanced medium for storytelling. Uncivilized Books is run by cartoonist Tom Kaczynski. He comes from a country that no longer exists and he draws comic books for discerning post-apocalyptic intellectuals.