Symeon Shimin


by Symeon Shimin, Josef Woodard, Charles Donelan and edited by Tonia Shimin

$40 (Mercury Press International), Fine art book

The Art of Symeon Shimin presents a striking collection of the fine art of this exceptional Russian born Jewish artist. Curated by the artist’s daughter, it is the first collection of Shimin’s work. Included is an autobiography by the artist, essays by arts journalists Josef Woodard and Charles Donelan, more than 100 plates and archival photographs that showcase art of rare beauty and raw expression. 

An award winning illustrator of 54 children’s books Shimin (1902-1984) created the original Hollywood film poster for “Gone With the Wind.”  Most notably he was acclaimed for his masterpiece the mural “Contemporary Justice and the Child” commissioned in 1936-1940 by the PWAP for the Department of Justice Building, Washington, DC.

“Symeon Shimin was a vessel for the unheard voices of his time. Those who were shunned, he highlighted . . . He saw the common man for what he was, beautiful, exceptional, and equal.”            —Lauren Kinsley, Research Editor

★ Winner! 2020 Independent Press Award,
Distinguished Favorite in Fine Arts ★
★ Winner! 2020 NYC Big Book Award in Arts and Entertainment ★