Story Arts of Minnesota

Story Arts of Minnesota knows that storytelling is the way to build bridges, break down boundaries and create and transform relationships. We imagine a society in which storytellers are recognized for their ability to provide a relevant, inspiring and transformative service through the art and craft of spoken narrative.

A non-profit storytelling organization, Story Arts is your one-stop place for storytelling events and resources in Minnesota. We exist to promote spoken storytelling and grow and support storytellers through supporting local storytelling events and by hosting our own StoryFest festival. Visit our website and Facebook page to find virtual workshops and story circles, learn the art of storytelling with books written by our members and use our events calendar to find a rich variety of local and outstate storytelling opportunities.  

Join Story Arts for StoryFest 2021, currently scheduled for April 10th at Normandale Community College. StoryFest is a day dedicated to story listening and sharing. Experience the connective power of storytelling through storytelling concerts, sharpen your skills through storytelling workshops and immerse yourself in stories from a wide variety of voices. This year’s theme is Stories that Heal. The past year has brought cultural upheaval, social protest and political shifts. More than ever, we need to hear stories of all Minnesotans in order to bear witness to these changes, begin to heal our divisions and better understand each other. Please join us to share your story, listen to others and build a more storied world.