Sky Candle Press

Sky Candle Press is a small Independent publishing company created by two very different sisters, Holly Trechter and Jane Donovan. They have little in common, and they hardly agree on anything—not art, not fashion, not UFO’s, not even ghosts. (Jane has seen ghosts and knows they exist, and if she does precede her sister in death, she will have a marvelous time haunting Holly.)

The only exception to all this disagreeing, and where they have a complete meeting of the minds, is their heartfelt belief about what makes a good story. And thus, they became writing partners. Sky Candle Press was born—much to the amusement of their other siblings who wagered it would go belly up before their first book was even printed. But sometimes the know-it-all’s don’t know it all. Through grit (plus amnesia about how much they bickered on their previous projects), they have created several award-winning books, plus drafts for dozens of upcoming stories.

Festival Special

They are excited to be part of the Twin Cities Book Festival. During the Festival, all their books, except for their very newest, will be 50% off, if you purchase them through Sky Candle’s website: This 50% off is in addition to other discounts described on their “About Us” page at their website.

Wishing you safe times.