Shakespearean Snubs!

3:30pm, Progress Center

Join author and illustrator Kip Hathaway for a Shakespearean insult-themed improvised comedy show based on your suggestions!  At this special Book Festival appearance, Kip will be joined by Nicole Kronzer (author of the improv-themed YA novel Unscripted), teacher and comedian Fred Cheng, and improv comic Aaron Cook; together, the troupe aim to get you to laugh along with them!  A Q&A about writing, improv, Shakespeare, and whatever else you want to know will follow. 

In addition to being the author and illustrator of An Illustrated Guide to Kip’s Shakespearean Insults (Minnesota Children’s Press), Kip Hathaway is an Actor, Singer, Improvisor, Comedian, Model, Illustrator, Businessman, and Buoyant Humorous Presence. He graduated from Lawrence University with a B.A. in Theater Arts and now actively pursues the goal of sharing his art and talent with the Twin Cities area (and beyond!!) from his hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota.