Recommendation Station: Chris Martin

10-11 am: NEURODIVERSITY IN-FORMATION with Chris Martin
Progress Center Building

Not surprisingly, a wealth of great literature explores the theme or epitomizes the practice of neurodiversity, with more being published every day. Curious people are invited to visit with Chris Martin, author of the new book May Tomorrow Be Awake: On Poetry, Autism, and Our Neurodiverse Future (HarperOne), to learn more about the paths writers are taking in this area. Chris will offer recommendations of books to read and directions each interested person may pursue based on their interests and experience in the beautifully diverse world of the human being. 

About May Tomorrow Be Awake

May Tomorrow Be Awake is stark and touchable portrait of tenderness that doesn’t treat living and loving as a challenge, even when it might be challenging. From sinking into this book, I learned how to be a better and more thoughtful steward of the world and the people closest to me. There is no greater gift than this one, to depart from a text with a cleaner, more generous view of living.”

— Hanif Abdurraqib

“A sensitive celebration of neuroscientific difference. Martin’s message is not only about unleashing the potential of autistic individuals, but creating a world where ‘different modes of movement, of communication, of being and signing and pointing and singing and ticcing and typing’ affords all people a new vision ‘of what it means to be human.’”

— Kirkus