R. James Addington

Tragic Investment

How Race Sabotages Communities And Jeopardizes America’s Future—And What We Can Do About It

$20.99, (iUniverse)
Racism (history, social studies)


In his book Tragic Investment; How Race Sabotages Communities and Jeopardizes America’s Future – And What We Can Do About It, R. James Addington shares some provocative commentary about the impact of racism in our nation’s life. Clearly, our racial history has had a devastating impact on communities of color; Addington suggests it has also devastated white people. He explores in some detail the features of white devastation; he suggests that accountable solidarity in the struggle for racial justice is the pathway for awakened white people. This is more than allyship (allies can change allegiance). For Addington, reparation (repairing the fabric of community) is the portal to a just and resilient future. It is the intersection of racial justice and ecological sustainability. Our history makes a compelling case for reparations; a challenging future makes the matter urgent.