Paul John Scott


$18.95, Literary thriller / Medical-corporate crime fiction

Malcharist is a fast-paced and accessible debut by Minnesota-based writer and award-winning journalist Paul John Scott. The title is a neologism, a made-up word that means “bad power,” “bad sacrament” or even “bad spirit.” The book is a deeply-reported page-turner about corruption in clinical trials of new drugs and its effects on society today, all as seen through the eyes of Shivani Patel, a British expat and Manhattan-based medical ghostwriter facing a crisis of conscience.

Set in Manhattan and Minneapolis in 2010, laced with dark humor, sharp dialogue and knowing detail, the novel tracks an interconnected cast of carefully-drawn characters including an underachieving magazine hack based in Minneapolis, a celebrity psychiatrist and lifestyle guru scrambling to save his glittering career, and a young painter who gets swept up in a clinical trial that has gone south.

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