Mikaela Casey

Lenny the Loon:
A Tour of the Twin Cities

$19.99 (Wise Ink), Children’s Picture Book

Lenny the Loon: An Adventure on Lake Minnetonka debuted in 2018 to much success and support from an incredible community. On his first adventure, Lenny gives a tour of Lake Minnetonka to Wally the Walleye, who is attempting to leave the lake forever. Along the way, the two pass many iconic locations that locals and visitors of the lake are sure to recognize!

In Lenny the Loon: A Tour of the Twin Cities, Lenny is searching the Twin Cities for his sister, Lucy, so the two can migrate together. From the Spoon and Cherry to US Bank Stadium, Minnehaha Falls, and the Science museum, Lenny experiences the Twin Cities at its finest!

Lenny the Loon teaches kids and adults alike to celebrate how much the Twin Cities and Lake Minnetonka have to offer!

Festival Special