Hadleigh House

Hadleigh House is a new, creative publishing house with a unique author partnership model.  Founded by two best-selling female authors, Hadleigh House is a collaborative place where authors work together and share in the success, investment and process of bringing a manuscript to the marketplace.

Think of Hadleigh as an intimate community of creative thinkers who work together to support each other through each step of the publishing process. The feel of Hadleigh combines the head and the heart since you need both to bring a true creative project to life. It has small town casual familiarity blended with the efficiency of big city understanding and optimization of the process. 

Our partnership model is unique in the publishing industry and was developed to fill the void left between traditional publishing and self publishing.  It is based on a co-invest principle with our authors. We split the cost to bring a manuscript to market and also share in the royalty.  This 50/50 partnership mechanism ensures shared ownership in each step of the project and also in the success of your book.  We are authors so we have been where you are now and we have incorporated key areas into our process to address the struggles we faced.  Our Hadleigh House workplan incorporates all the key steps to ensure shared success including strategy, marketing, design and business planning. We have a team of industry experts guiding you through each phase.