FTL Publications

Founded in 1994, FTL Publications has been publishing quality books in the Twin Cities area for over 25 years. FTL Publications publishes science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, romance, children’s, and mystery titles, journals and diaries, and coloring books. We are currently featuring our latest title—Defying the Ghosts: A Haunted House Story. Other titles include: Bradamant’s Quest (fantasy), Modern Surprises (science fiction), Wondry Dragon Finds a Home (children’s), A Writer’s Journal (journal), and the Homes and Buildings Coloring Book (coloring book). FTL Publications titles have received the Midwest Book Award, Mom’s Choice Award, Scribe Award, and EPIC Award. All of our titles are offered in paperback format; many are also offered as ebooks. Voyager: Exploring the Outer Planets (nonfiction-science), The Touch of a Navy Seal (romance), Revenge: Denied (fantasy), and Wondry Dragon Finds a Home (children’s) are  offered as audiobooks as well as paperback and ebook formats.