Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP

Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP is a full-service, hybrid publisher of (currently) 24-30 books per year – all genres.  We pride ourselves on our integrity & full-transparency.   Fox Pointe currently represents 17 creative authors who are supported by 11 talented ‘behind-the-scenes’ individuals. Please check out our current Fall 2020 Catalog found on the right-hand side of our homepage at to learn more about our books.

Fox Pointe is home to:
  • #themonsterdogbookseries (Carmen Tribbett) Children’s Picture Books
  • #thehelenholdercollection (Helen Holder) Children’s Picture Books
  • #thecornerconfessionsnovelseries (Kiersten Hall) Adult General Fiction
  • #thethadwheelerbookseries (Lydia Emma Niebuhr) Cozy Mysteries
  • #themausdrachenbookseries (Thea Kvamme) Children’s Picture Books
  • #crazy4halloween (Jennifer Jensen) Quarterly Magazine
  • #thejellybeanbook (Kiersten Hall) Children’s Picture Books
  • #bobebearbookseries (AJ Sullivan) Children’s Picture Books
  • #superherojoey (Amanda Skou) Children’s Picture Books
  • #daysofdazeandnightmaze (Paula Baysinger Morhardt) Poetry
  • #craftscreatechange (Alicia Sanchez) Arts & Crafts
  • #shadowspeak (Raven Eckman) Dark Mystery

Festival Special:

To SAVE 10% on any Fox Pointe purchases throughout the duration of the Twin Cities Book Festival, please use code Q565AUH @ check-out.  The code is also found on  Thank you for ‘virtually’ stopping by.