Daniel Hertz

Everything is A Little Bit Alright: yoga, meditation, and a dog named Roy

$17.95 (Shanti Arts Publishing), Memoir

From the Midwest Book Review, D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

Everything is A Little Bit Alrightyoga, meditation, and a dog named Roy is spiritual memoir writing at its best. The book links everyday life challenges and events to spiritual and psychological recovery techniques. Hertz employs a unique voice while capturing these events and linking them to spiritual growth.

As his story evolves, readers are treated to a special approach that succinctly juxtaposes the practice of meditation with revised perspectives on life. Because they also are well grounded in life events, adventures, and experiences, they assume a validity and solidity missing in too many spiritual or autobiographical memoirs.

The result is an outstanding survey of healing, resolution, and a revised approach to life that holds many takeaways for readers also on the journey to explore and expand their possibilities. Everything is A Little Bit Alright is highly recommended reading.