Covid-19 Safety Protocols & Measures

In anticipation of the in-person day that concludes Rain Taxi’s 21st annual TWIN CITIES BOOK FESTIVAL, we are mindful of the continuing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we care deeply about the well-being of our attendees, authors, exhibitors, and volunteers. As the TCBF planners, our highest priority is to present this gathering as safely as possible, so we’re following recommended guidelines of the CDC, the State of Minnesota, and Ramsey County as we establish safety protocols and measures. (Protocols and measures below are as of October 12, 2021)


  • At the Progress Center
    As in previous years, those wishing to enter the Book Fair in the Progress Center may do so through the main, South doors, where they will have their vaccination/test record checked and receive a wristband that shows they’re cleared. This process may make entry more time-consuming, so make sure to arrive with plenty of time to check in if you’re there for a timed event.

  • At the Fine Arts Center
    Also as in previous years, our staged events will be taking place in the Fine Arts Center. Unlike in previous years, audience members will enter the building at the North doors, where they will have their vaccination/test record checked and receive a wristband that shows they’re cleared. This process may make entry more time-consuming, so make sure to arrive with plenty of before your event.

  • Dress for the weather
    We will have as many doors and windows as possible open in both buildings to improve airflow. This means that there may be chilly breezes—make sure to wear clothing that will keep you comfortable throughout the time you’re at the TCBF.

  • Masks must be kept on at all times while indoors
    This includes while speaking to vendors, while watching authors speak, while in the bathroom, and all times at which you’re inside a building.

Proof of Vaccination or Negative Covid-19 Test are Required for Admission.

    • Proof of a Covid-19 Vaccination
      Vaccinated participants* will be required to provide a CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card indicating a full course of vaccination was completed—including post-vaccine waiting periods—prior to attending the TCBF. Proof of vaccination may include a hardcopy CDC vaccination card, a photo of the card that matches the participant’s ID, or verification through the Docket appFor information on getting vaccinated for free, please go here.

    • Proof of a Covid-19 Negative Test Result
      Unvaccinated participants*—including immunocompromised individuals and children under 12—will be required to provide proof of a negative result for a Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of attending the TCBF in-person day, i.e. no earlier than Wednesday, October 13. Proof of a negative result may be a hardcopy or digital record that matches the participant’s ID. For information on getting a Covid-19 test, please go here.


  • Face Masks Required Indoors
    Face masks are required to be worn by participants* while attending indoor activities. During events, presenters may be unmasked. Face masks are not required when attendees are visiting outdoor spaces such as the food trucks. Bandanas, gators, face shields, and masks with vents are not acceptable forms.

* ‘Participants’ includes attendees, authors, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers, and staff.


In addition to the safety protocols, the TCBF has instituted additional measures to enhance participant safety and help minimize the spread of the virus.

  • Expanded TCBF Layouts
    We’ve expanded the layouts in our indoor areas by creating wider aisles and additional space between exhibitors, vendors, and attendees to provide more distance and minimize close contact encounters.

  • Fewer Stage Events
    We’ve replaced several stage events with more informal author activity areas in which

    smaller groups of attendees can connect with authors with more space and brevity.

  • Increased Ventilation
    We’ll be keeping venue doorways open (weather permitting) and employing fans to refresh the interior air as much as possible.

  • Sanitizer!
    Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the TCBF venues and restrooms. Additionally, we will be doing frequent restroom cleaning and sanitizing of common surfaces.

  • Outdoor Info Stations, Food Vending, and Seating Areas
    This year our food vendors will be exclusively via food trucks, and there will be ample seating available outdoors for patrons to enjoy. As well, our check-in and information stations will be located outside building entrances to avoid bottlenecks at indoor entry points.

We hope the announcement of these safety protocols and measures provides TCBF patrons with the information they need to make a decision about attending our in-person Festival day. Please feel free to contact the TCBF staff at bookfest@raintaxi.com with any questions, and don’t forget to enjoy the plethora of Virtual Events the TCBF has to offer—see here for a list of Virtual Events.