Benjamin Klas

Second Dad Summer

$15.63 (One Elm), Middle Grade Fiction

Jeremiah wants a normal summer with his dad. His dad just moved into an apartment to live with his new boyfriend, Michael. It’s soon clear that Jeremiah’s dad is getting closer to Michael’s group of friends, something that would be good if it wasn’t making Jeremiah feel invisible. Fortunately, there’s Sage, the only other kid in their hipster neighborhood. Although Sage is quirky, their friendship is cemented at the Pride festival when Jeremiah finds out Sage has two moms. Two moms–like he might have two dads if he doesn’t put a stop to Michael. Enter Mr. Keeler, the grouchy old smoker from downstairs who has an ongoing feud with Michael. Before summer ends, Jeremiah says goodbye to one friend and embraces a growing family.