Angel Bomb

Angel Bomb is a letterpress and book arts studio in Northeast Minneapolis run by Todd Thyberg who is fulfilling a lifelong dream to create books. In his work he strives to engage the reader in an ergodic experience; that is, encourage the reader to do more than simply read and instead engage and interact with the book before them. Exploration of the written word and of the book format is something that fascinates Todd and he seeks to push this development further. He does this by using various methods of engagement from producing QR codes within a letterpress-printed graphic novel which takes readers to interactive online elements that deepen the story, to the process of aging and weathering papers which gives the reader the sense of delving through history. This process gives the feeling of being transported to a bygone era and transcends time through the visual and aural experiences of crinkling paper that is brittle, marked, and stained. He continues to explore creating immersive and interactive themes in his work and currently has two books underway.